Nov 2, 2014

WOW - Ideology

"That which threatens our most basic beliefs is naught but their dark reflection. A new perspective on the fallacious construction of our own temple of thought."

I didn't receive a very enthusiastic response to my WOW project, so I've fallen a bit behind. Since then I've come the the realization that for all the ideological babble I could possible spout - reality remains. Change doesn't happen all at once. My own journey of discovery changes very little in the grand design.

Recently I watched a series of thoroughly thought provoking documentaries called "Zeitgeist." Granted, I didn't agree with everything stated in the films, but I encourage my readers to watch them anyhow. (Currently all three films can be found on Netflix.) The construction of our society and culture doesn't benefit all equally. Taking a step back to acknowledge the faults running through our everyday lives is one step closer to finding a solution.

While this is earlier than I had planned, I'm going to retire my blog. I feel it has served its purpose in allowing me an outlet to lay out the reasoning behind my evolving beliefs and understanding. I hope that it has helped guide others to find more light in the world - as has always been my intent.

If you are looking for more information regarding my MOP posts, I recommend looking here: My concerns and the subsequent rebuttal from church apologists are laid out very nicely, without being offensive or critical. Remember, being open to learn why other's believe differently than you is not an evil.

Goodbye readers. You will be missed.


Belinda Taylor said...

I have loved reading all that you write! Im sad to see you close this chapter, but hope to see you find fabulous things ahead in which to invest your time. I love you Ammon!

Anonymous said...

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